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We are the manufacturer of crystal lighting, So we need a mount of raw material,such as crystal. If you have meet our need, please contact us as soon as possible.
China (Mainland)
Supply landscape tree,   Jul 12,2008
The guidance coconut tree lamp used has guided the illumination two-electrode tube component, the electricity and the light conversion rate close 100%, the calorific capacity was low, does not have th
China (Mainland)
The riches and honor palm lamp, the modelling uses the simulation branch, will beautify, the afforestation, bright organic unifies in together, is the urban square, the main road, the park decoration
China (Mainland)
LED daylight lamp''s eight big merit 1: The environmental protection lamps and lanterns, protect Earth the tradition in the daylight lamp to include the massive mercury vapor, if the stave mercury vap
China (Mainland)
Product Features: Patented NO: 200620013512.2 CE certification & RoHS compliance Cyclone Power LED B60 Bulb with patented design 3脳2W Power LED Viewing angle: 120 degree Clear and milky cove
China (Mainland)
Watch beautiful tropical fish swimming and playing in these desktop aquariums and feel your stress fading away. They won''t starve, they don''t make a mess, and they just swim gently back and forth. T
China (Mainland)
sell solar light   Feb 06,2007
1. Powered by solar energy through solar panels. 2. Working hours: Up to 8 hours of light. 3. Realized the light and shade ray. 4. A light sensor turns on the light automatically. cell:
China (Mainland)
Buy PE Shrinkable Tube   Aug 15,2006
17-19mm diameter PE shrinkable tube transparent red, transparent yellow, transparent green. 50Meters long per roll for rope light.
China (Mainland)
Ballast T5/T8/T12   May 27,2006
Product Name: Electronic Ballast Model Number: SMT-B Origin : CHINA Specification : —-Wattage: 25-40w —-For T5;T8;T12 —-One For 1/2/4 Tube Respectively —-Voltage :230V /110V —-THD &l
China (Mainland)
Buy Button   Mar 15,2006
Button with pas old leather style finition 64000pcs Diam: 20mm 7000pcs 18mm 41000 15mm 16000
China (Mainland)
Buy 26w UL List Ballast   Mar 08,2006
We need the stable manufacturer in china to supply us the 26w Ul listed ballast.The ballast should be compact in design. we use the ballast into our products to distribute to USA market. Our purchase
China (Mainland)
We are highly interested in Galvanised iron Pipe Fittings for our market. ELBOW, TEE, SOCKET all Female and Equal. GALVANISED Screwed and Socketed.
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