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Integral corrugated steel pipe is the optimum combination of strength, flexibility and performance Our company is a professional manufacture of corrugated steel pipe. In the following we intend to gi
China (Mainland)
Wire straightening and cutting machine can be used as a stand-alone machine or in combination with wire drawing machines or mesh welding machines. It is wildly applied in automobile industry, metal pr
China (Mainland)
Wet Wire Drawing Machine   Feb 20,2013
Compared with straight line wire drawing machine, wet wire drawing machine has two notable characteristics. First, in the drawing process, there are varying degrees of relative sliding between the dra
China (Mainland)
High performance oil- resistant paronite is a compressed mixture of long asbestos, oil-resistant synthetic rubber, and heat-resisting filler. Owing to using different oil-resistant synthetic rubbers,
China (Mainland)
General Paronite   Feb 20,2013
General paronite is designed as light duty gasket material. It is a compressed mixture based on chrysotile asbestos fibers, synthetic rubber or natural rubber, sulfur and other modifying additives. It
China (Mainland)
Asbestos Cement Pipes   Feb 20,2013
Versatile asbestos cement pipes Asbestos cement pipe, length 4m, internal diameter 300mm Asbestos cement pipes are made of high-grade cement reinforced by 10% -15% chrysotile. They are still in g
China (Mainland)
Fuel Dispenser   Jul 10,2008
Features: 1.Adopting combination pump or separate pump銆乻maller shape and convenient maintenance. 2.Adopting painting-side for common type and stainless steel side for luxurious type. 3.Leading-stat
China (Mainland)
thermostat   Jan 02,2008
Applicable to electric water heater, water boiler, electric oven, warm air heater, washing machine, frier, kitchen equipment, etc. Designed temperature:40~350鈩? On-off temperature difference:2~4鈩?
China (Mainland)
Buy MP3,MP4,PMP   May 24,2006
Please we are interesting in your prodcut, including mp3,4 and pmp, for our success in future, please kindly send your picture, catelogue and price list for us. We will reply as soon as we gain your
China (Mainland)
Buy Steam Iron   Mar 14,2006
Urgently look for 10,000pcs Steam iron to Europe market: 2000W, Temperature regulation, Stainless steel bottom, Steam Quantity infinitely variable. 6 Function: Drying, Continuous steam stroke, S
China (Mainland)
Buy Used Home Appliances   Mar 10,2006
We are recycling used domestic appliances, such as: washing machine, fridge, air conditioner, printer, radio, TV set, electronic line, LCD, computer etc. even waste paper. Pay attention to this opport
China (Mainland)
Our company locates in hongkong and guangzhou, bases on USA and southeast asia market. The company is specialized in reclaiming various scrap, damaged, no working goods, like mobile phone, phone mainb
China (Mainland)
Buy MP3 and MP4   Mar 07,2006
We are seeking for USB MP3 players, with FM and LCD, voice recording, MP3, wav and WMA, usb1.1 and usb2.0 and another functions that you may consider. Capacity 256mg,512mg and 1 GB. Must contain all a
China (Mainland)
Specifications: 1) Six scents available 2) For use in the home, bathroom, car, office
China (Mainland)
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