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China (Mainland)
supply auto accessies522   May 22,2008
Our company specializing in the production of automotive supplies.Products include: Automobile cushion, sun gear, the steering wheel cover, etc.
China (Mainland)
Sell Engin Mountings   Mar 16,2006
Features: 1) For ISUZU: a) OEM: 1-53215-061-0 i) Article: engine mounting front ii) MODEL: V330V-12 b) OEM: 1-53225-187-0 i) Article: engine mounting rear ii) Mode
China (Mainland)
Compatible with: 1) Mitsubishi 22 x 90 x 1540 90 x 20 2) Mitsubishi 22 x 90 x 1580 90 x 22 3) Mitsubishi MC611797 No.1 80 x 12, MC611798 No.2 4) Mitsubishi MB 294509 DFA 70 x 10-7 5) Mitsubishi M
China (Mainland)
buy Cars Ttool Set   Mar 13,2006
We are seaching for one quotation for 20,000pcs for tool set for cars UNDER 1.10 usd!!! Need photos, FOB prices, cbm/crtn, delivery time, size of items. I appreciate your prompt reply
China (Mainland)
We are one of biggest companies listed in Shanghai stocket market,for business'' high developing we''d like to buy auto accessories,auto parts and all kinds of electric & electronic meters in grea
China (Mainland)
China (Mainland)
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