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Safety Matches   Jan 12,2006
Safety Matches Model No: JMC-016 We can supply almost all kinds of matches, such as safety matches, fireplace matches, barbecue matches, book matches, hotel matches, and long matches
China (Mainland)
Ratchet Straps   Jan 12,2006
Ratchet Straps Model No: JMC-006 We can produce various straps, webbing slings, cargo lashings, rigging hardware, round slings, towing straps, safety belts
China (Mainland)
Double Ply Polyamide Webbing Slings Model No: JMC-005 Specifications: 1) Color coded according to DIN-EN 1492-1 2) Capacity stripes; each stripe is equal to 1MT capacity
China (Mainland)
Ratchet Buckles   Jan 12,2006
Ratchet Buckles Model No: JMC-004 Specifications: 1) 6002: 1" standard handle ratchet, 1,500 lbs. break strength 2) 6022SS: 1" standard handle ratchet
China (Mainland)
Wire Rope Clips   Jan 12,2006
Wire Rope Clips Model No: JMC-011 We can supply the following clips: 1) US type drop forged wire rope clips G-450, G-429, US type galvanized malleable
China (Mainland)
Stainless Steel Swivel Block (Double) Model No: JMC-010 We can supply the following products: try net blocks, trawl blocks, snatch blocks with hook, snatch blocks with hook self
China (Mainland)
Chains   Jan 12,2006
Chains Model No: JMC-009 We can supply various chains, such as US standard Nacm 84/90/96, Astm80 (proof coil chain G30, G43, transport chain G70
China (Mainland)
Anchor and Fittings   Jan 12,2006
Anchor and Fittings Model No: JMC-008 We can supply folding anchors, stock anchors, danforth anchor, klipp anchors, plough anchors, hall type c anchors, mushroom
China (Mainland)
Eyebolt & Nuts, Leg Bolt   Jan 12,2006
Eyebolt & Nuts, Leg Bolt Model No: JMC-007 We can supply eyebolts, nuts, and leg bolts
China (Mainland)
Turnbuckles   Jan 12,2006
Turnbuckles Model No: JMC-030 HG-223, 225, 226, 227, 228, 4037, 2510, HS-251 turnbuckles
China (Mainland)
Hooks   Jan 12,2006
Hook for PL Latch Model No: S-320 US type, European type (G70, G80), Australian type, Italian type available. Various sling hooks, grab hooks, hoist hooks, swivel hooks, shank hooks, flat hooks, s
China (Mainland)
Rigging Hardware   Jan 12,2006
We can supply almost all the rigging hardware in various types and various international standards, including shackles, load binders, turnbuckles, anchors, wire rope clips, chains, pulleys, hooks,
China (Mainland)
Stainless Steel Riggings   Jan 12,2006
We can supply these stainless steel products: shackles, turnbuckles, hooks, links, rings, thimbles, swivel links, blocks, pulleys, D rings, clips, anchors, eyebolts, nuts, wire rope fittings, and
China (Mainland)
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