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New to Sonhoo.net
There are two registered memberships: Sonhoo China Supplier and Free Member.
•Free Member
Free members can buy, post buying leads, search for and contact the right suppliers with the sourcing tools in Sonhoo.com. As a seller, free members also can post products and selling leads to sell, look for and contact buyers in Sonhoo.com, all these above are free. More functions only work when you join as a “Sonhoo China Supplier”, more details, click here please!
•Sonhoo China Supplier
Sonhoo China Supplier is a paid membership, service for the suppliers in export industry of China. All Sonhoo China Suppliers will get a unique icon for buyers to identify after past the authoritative certification of a third-party organization. There’s a great experience including multiple functions and more promotions for Sonhoo China Suppliers, more details, click here please!

It is easy to become a member of Sonhoo China Supplier, just do as the following instructions:
•Turn to en.sonhoo.net or www.sonhoo.net directly, or turn to www.sonhoo.com, click “国际版” on the top-right corner of the page;
•Click “Join Now” on the top of Sonhoo.com homepage or “Join Free” on the top-right of sign in blanks:
•Select the place your business registered in and your business type, then click “continue”;
•Input all the needed information in the “basic information” page, click “I agree to the following and submit”.
•Input all the needed information you are suggested to about your company in “Required information” page, then click “submit”.

Some attention:
1. All information you input must be in English without symbols cannot be identified, make sure the blanks marked with * are not null and filled correctly, this item apply to all the information you post in Sonhoo.com;

Read the items under “I agree the following and submit” before click it please.

Please enter a complete name of your company in “Company Name”, it helps you rank ahead.

Input a brief introduction in “Company Introduction” to help buyers know your company better, at least 200 words, don’t input any contact information in the form please. HTML is not supported here.
3. If your information is not approved, we will deliver an email to inform you about the information need to modify in both your mailbox and your message center, alter the information as mentioned, submit again.

Sign in

•Click “sign in” or “My sonhoo” in the front of the homepage, or sign in the login blanks in homepage directly.
•Input you member ID and password, click “sign in”.

•Don’ t worry if you cannot remember your password, do the followings:
1. Click “Forgot your password?”;
2. Input your member ID, click “Next”;
3. Input the email address that you registered previously, click “Next”;
Then we will send your password to the email box.