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Buying Tools

In here, you can add, edit and delete buying leads.
Post and Add a New Buying Lead
•Click “Post a New Buying Lead” in “Buying” part;
•Fill in the blanks with the information required;
•Click “Post Now”;
•Add a new buying lead, just repeat the steps above;

Some attention:

Don’t input your contact information in the blanks in “Details” part, and use TEXT instead HMTL please.

In “Attach Product Photo” part, the picture you upload must be gif, jpg, jpeg or bmp image file format, size within 200 KB;
3. If you want post buying leads with contact information protected,
select “Allow all members to contact me by email only while concealing my other contact details” In “My Contact Preference” part please;
4. If you want to modify your buying leads, click “edit” in “My Buying List” part, after you complete your modification, click “Post Now”;
5. If your buying lead is not approved, we’ll send an email both to your mailbox and your message center to inform you about the information you need to edit. And the buying leads posted by free members will be published after checked by our editors in 1 or 2 workdays.
6. You can post 20 buying leads at most with a free membership. There are some differences between different memberships, to learn more, click here please!
7. The reply to your buying leads from the suppliers will be sent to you in “Message Center”.