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Knitted Shade Cloth

Knitted Shade Cloth
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Detailed Product Description
Threads of knitted shade cloth run all directions. This lock-stitch construction won''t unravel if it is cut or damaged by animals or materials. So, knitted shade cloth can be cut to any size by a pair of sharp scissors.

The material of knitted shade cloth is high density polyethylene, which is an ideal material against UV degradation, chemical resistance to agricultural chemicals, sprays and detergents, and not mildew or absorb moisture.

Finished knitted shade cloth has brass grommets and reinforcement tape. Brass grommets are placed every 2 feet. The taped edges can hold extra power for it is doubly stitched. This kind design makes it easy to install. You can attach it to anywhere just with several screws.

Our shade cloth has features of long durability with a long life about 7 to 10 years, unique construction, easy installation, and shade rate of 30% - 90% as well as various colors.
Shade rate refers to the quantity of light that is blocked out. So a 30% shade cloth will let 70% of light come through. Our knitted shade cloth has a wide shade rate from 30% to 90% to satisfy your different requirements. It can provide protection for crops, people or be used as wind screens, privacy screens in public places and constructions, such as golf courses and baseball fields.

Shade rate: 30% - 90%.
Width: 6'', 12'', 20'', 26'', 30'', 32'' or as required. Length can be any size.
Color: black, white, Tan, Turquoise, Ultra blue, Ultra red, Beige, Merlot and forest green. (shown as the following pictures)

Shade cloth for crops:
Before building up a shade cloth for your heat and UV sensitive plants, there are two factors you should pay much attention to. One is about the crops you grow. Crops can be generally classified into two types: sun-loving and shade-loving. The other is about the climate. Each region has its own climate. If you don''t know how to select a right shade rate for plants, you can get advices from the agricultural research bodies or ask other successful growers in your region.
Generally speaking, shade rate between 30% and 70% is sufficient. For example, 30% shade cloth is ideal for tomatoes and peppers in areas with hot summer. For colder temperature crops such as lettuce and spina use 50% to 70% in hot southern areas and 30 to 50% in cooler northern zones.

Shade cloth for people and animals
Knitted shade cloth with a higher shade rate is often provided for shading people and animals. More light and UV rays are kept out and the temperature underneath the shade will be lower. On the other hand, a colorful shade cloth gives you an aesthetics feeling.

30% black shade cloth 40% black shade cloth 50% black shade cloth

60% black shade cloth 70% black shade cloth 80%black shade cloth

90% black shade cloth 50% white shade cloth 70% Merlot shade cloth

60% forest green shade cloth 65% Tan shade cloth
65% ultra red shade cloth

70% ultra blue shade cloth 90% Turquoise shade cloth 90% Beige shade cloth

Application of shade cloth

A 65% Ultra red shade cloth protects fruits from hail and birds as well as sun damage. Furthermore, the red color also reduces the spectrum of blue, green and yellow light while increasing red and far-red spectrum which is conducive to plant growth.
A children''s playing area is covering by a black shade cloth - 70%, 80% or 90% shade cloth are all available. It provides protection for your children from the sun, especially for the children who are allergic to light or UV rays.
Privacy fence often applies shade cloth, for it is effective and affordable. Perhaps a 70%, 80% or 90% is available.
Shade cloth can not only cools your work or living areas, but it also can be used as a wind break for mills, lumber yards and construction sites.
When used on crops, greenhouse and tree plantations, shade cloth can effectively reduce the temperature up to 200 degree. Less light and less water evaporation are key benefits.
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