Limitied Company 405(Shenzhen office)
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Limitied Company 405(Shenzhen office)

518103 South 3F,B# Building,No.71-2 Xintian Road,Fuyong Street,Baoan district,Shenzhen ,China ,ShenzhenCity,Guamgzhou Province.China (Mainland)



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Shenzhen best Household soup machine Supplier

Shenzhen best Household soup machine Supplier
Effective Period:  180
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  Date Joined:
  Country/Territory: China (Mainland)
  Business Type: Buying Office
  Number of Employees: 11 - 50 People
Detailed Product Description
Shenzhen best soup machine supplier Limitied Company 405 (Shenzhen office) (Coco Wong, 8.6-7.5.5- soup for you parse the safe operation of the machine.


A .Glass JarAlways read these safety instructions before use.Wash glass jar carefullyNote:Ensure jar is correctly engaged in base,to prevent damage to safety catches.Disassemly:Switch off your heating blender and disconnect from the mains.Lift jar off base,holding it only by handle,do not rotate jar.

B.Lid and measuring cup

1.The lid is lifted,by holding the sides firmly with one hand and raising.once food has been added,lid should be closed before heating and blending.the lid is closed,simply by placing it on the jar and pressing down firmly

2.Measuring cup can be removed by lifting.In order to replace it,align it with grooves in lid.Warning:Steam escapes round measuring cup,when heating blender is in cooking mode.This is normal,but careful the steam may burn,ensure lid and insert are properly closed,before blending food.

C.Control panel

On/Off switch

1.Conect heating blender to a main socket.On/off switch starts to it once,and it lights continuously.Heating blender is now is standby mode.

2.If appliance is in standby mode and you press on/off switch,it goes out and starts flashing again,cancelling all settings

3.To turn off at on/off switch,press it again or disconnect appliance from mains.Timer

4.When heating blender is in standby mode,u can adjust timer with + and – keys,by pressing –5.If u select high key,screen display 25 minutes maximum cooking time in this mode is 90 minutes

6.If u select medium key,screen displays 20 minutes maximum cooking time in this mode is 90 minutes

7.If u select low key,screen display 15 minutes maximum cooking time in this mode is 90 minutes

8. Each touch of +/-key extends/reduces cooking time by 1 minte

Temperature regulation

Heating blender starts heating,and cooking cycle initiates upon temperature selection

Note:Temperature can be adjusted at any point during cooking or preparation

Mixing Key

Mixing function can be used at any time during cooking or preparation,it may similarly be used in standby mode,once food is placed in glass jar

D.Blending function

For safety reasons blending function does not operate,until cooking is completeU can also switch heating function off,heating blender switches off entirely and u have to switch it on again,in order to use blending function
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