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kemii tape

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custom printed boxes

custom printed boxes
Effective Period:  180
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  Date Joined: 2004
  Country/Territory: China (Mainland)
  Business Type: Manufacturer
  Number of Employees: 51 - 100 People
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????????????????????According to Xinhua News Agency recently, Jinan City Yijuminlou be fixed with packing tape cracked cement column caused by Internet users hot. Reporters leaause coincided with the National Day holiday, no work construction group, they had come up w with the thumb, while rubbing the sticky adhesive residue can all rub down. Is a little slow. Cream oil substances are, by their nature incompatible with the glue. In addition to glue this feature is to use it. This Article 3 and Article 4 is a central television station described in a column. Material easy to find, and very convenient, can get rid of adhesive residue. 5, with banana water. Is used to remove paint an industrial agent, it is very easy to buy (sell paint where there selling the same methods with alcohol acetone.) Source: Hao Yang packing tape paper packaging plant jhhaoyang /
?????????????????????????????????Packing tape high temperature polyimide film to the substrate, the use of imported silicone pressure sensitive adhesive with high temperature resistance, acid, solvent resistance, electrical insulation (H level), radiation and other properties. Suitable for wave soldering electronic circuit boards masking polyimide packing tape, that Goldfinger packing tape, using silicone pressure sensitive adhesives and high temperature polyimide film substrate. Has excellent resistance to high temperature resistance, strong acids and strong alkaline solvents, corrosion resistance often, radiation and other characteristics. Goldfinger packing tape has excellent electrical insulation properties and excelle

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