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kemii tape

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cellophane tape

cellophane tape
Effective Period:  120
  Company Info
  Date Joined: 2004
  Country/Territory: China (Mainland)
  Business Type: Manufacturer
  Number of Employees: 51 - 100 People
Detailed Product Description
gineering Group, the fund balance of about 53,000 yuan, they are stepping up to apply forer packing tape is often used in daily life daily necessities, but torn paper packing tape when leaving residual contamination often make us a headache, then the following Xiaobian teach you some useful methods. 1, with a paper towel dipped some alcohol (preferably with industrial alcohol, must also make do without medical) clean, then rub a few clean. 2, with acetone. Ibid. And with less thorough, the best is that it very quickly very easily remove these residual gum, so better than throwing fine. Both are above solvent, but also all the methods, the best performing. 3, with nail polish. Usage is the same as with alcohol acetone. The effect is also very good. Nail polish does not require quality, or general good will do, as long as you can wash off all nail polish. 4, using hand cream. First surface of the printed products removed, and then squeeze some hand cream on top, and slowly rub with the thumb, while rubbing the sticky adhesive residue can all rub down. Is a little slow. Cream oil substances are, by their nature incompatible with the glue. In addition to glue this feature is to use it. This Article 3 and Article 4 is a central television station described in a column. Material easy to find, and very convenient, can get rid of adhesive residue. 5, with banana water. Is used to remove paint an industrial agent, it is very easy to buy (sell paint where there selling the same methods with alcohol acetone.) Source: Hao Packing tape hig

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