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Patent Nano fuel additive save 20~60% fuel reduce 75~90% air pollution vehicle

Patent Nano fuel additive save 20~60% fuel reduce 75~90% air pollution vehicle
Quantity:  1
Packaging:  package
Effective Period:  180
  Company Info
  Date Joined: 2003
  Country/Territory: Taiwan
  Business Type: rading Company
  Number of Employees: Less than 5 People
Detailed Product Description
“Super Nano Tech” S.N.T Fuel additive Treatment
The “Super Nano Tech” S.N.T fuel treatment is a top class tablet that strengthens horsepower, saves fuel and prevents pollution by providing petroleum/diesel additive. It is a product of the advanced space Hi-tech technology and is different from traditional commercial tablets (or additives) in nature. Traditional commercial tablets use chemical synthetic preparations such as surfactant as the main agent and are targeted to increase the octane number and the activity. The compositions of these types of chemical synthetic preparations are mostly unknown and have certain degrees of toxicity or corrosive. It means that before the effects appear, instruments such as the engine maybe harmed. Moreover, the carrier used in commercial tablets, such as paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax or synthetic wax, may not be completely compatible with fuels like petroleum or diesel, Gel suspension or paste precipitate may remain and cause serious side effects, for instance, clog in the fuel line or the fuel injector and unsmooth engine operation. Then rough idea of the side effects can be seen from the previous failed performances of the tablets of well-known imported brand.
The “Super Nano Save” S.N.T fuel additive treatment uses naphthalene, which is made by refining the pure extracts of naphtha, the distillation product of petroleum or coal tar, as the carrier. As naphtha is the fuel oil of engines and boilers, naphthalene therefore is completely compatible with petroleum and diesel. It dissolves quickly and does not precipitate. Then engines would not be harmed. Moreover the main agent is composed of many precious heavy metals and minerals. When injecting the super strong momentum created by the main agent into the carrier naphthalene and after the fuel is mixed with the naphthalene, the molecules are instantly cracked (i.e. nanomate )into inseparable particles. The combustion effect. As the fuel is completely combusted, it means the multiple effects of strengthening horse power, preventing pollution and saving fuel are also achieved. In addition, as the particles are tiny after the fuel is cracked, the quality is improved and a strong protective membrane is formed on the inner wall of the engine. The protective membrane is a strong lubricant and is anti-abrasion. After using the “Super Nano Tech” S.N.T Fuel Treatment in normal engine or combustion equipment, the clear proofs of the effects are smooth engine operation and significant noise reduction.
Six Points Efficiency:
1. Strengthened Horsepower 20~40%
2. Save Fuel 20~60%
3. Ultimate Speed Increased 20~40%
4. Prevention of Pollution >90%
5. Safe Engine A Class
6. Lengthening Service Life 30%
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